Duru bulgur protects Ahmet Buğdayı (Wheat)!

Duru Bulgur started a project in order to protect Ahmet Buğdayı (Wheat) which has a history of 2 thousand years in Karaman Taşkale, cultivated and harvested for 4 generations as a golden value and the most fruitful product of anatolia, and domestic wheat genetic quality

With the project, the seeds gave their first sprouts in the greenhouse. Duru Bulgur Chairman İhsan Duru Bulgur, who discovered the seeds of Ahmet Tartan,  kept his seed carefully in his cubes for years to prevent the depletion of Ahmet Buğdayı,(Wheat) acted to increase the quality of the bulghur produced by traditional methods, to preserve its naturalness, to transfer it to future generations and to bring native seeds to industry. Ihsan Duru stated that they want to make wheat more efficient for the farmer and aims to bring back this wheat which gives delicious bulgur with this project which has been initiated to preserve the genetic quality of wheat.


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