The Most Innovative Healthy Food Award goes to Duru Bulgur

Duru Bulgur, who participated Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai which is among the most important exhibitions of food sector, was awarded with the Most Innovative Product Award in Healthy Food category with Duru Lival Shot product. In the name of Duru Bulgur the award was accepted by Ms. Ece Duru, Food Engineer responsible for R & D department of Duru Bulgur company.

Duru Bulgur introduced its’ wide range of products and superior taste products to visitors of Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, one of the worlds most important exhibitions. Degustation of Duru Bulgur products attracted great attention of the visitors. Fruit salad with extra extra coarse bulgur, kısır, various bulgur pilaf recipes, beans salads was among dishes loved most by the visitors. Duru Bulgur who strongly believes in bulgur being such a versitle product that almost anything can be cooked with it, awed visitors with salad made with bulgur and bulgur pilaf dishes. Duru Bulgur, which makes production in natural stone mills using only water and wheat under all natural conditions, will continue its new country initiatives.

18 March 2019


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