Social Responsibility

  • Bulgur

    Local Wheat Seed Project

    Duru Bulgur signed a cooperation protocol with Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University in order to preserve the quality and naturalness of the bulgur produced and pass on to future generations. With the R & D studies, it is aimed to reuse the varieties of domestic wheat which are used in the past but are rarely seen in the agricultural industry.

    Healthy Children, Healthy Generations

    Duru Bulgur produces bulgur for the kindergarten and elementary school students. By explaining the benefits of bulgur to the children, it aims to reduce the health of children, the consumption of prepared foods and the health problems caused by these foods.

    Bulgur Meals of Anatolia

    Duru Bulgur brings to light all the dishes of Anatolia known or forgotten. The book prepared by Selcuk University Faculty of Health Sciences nutrition and dietetics department Assistant Professor Doctor Nermin Işık will meet the readers in 2018. The source work, which includes all the bulgur dishes of Anatolia, will also protect the bulgur recipes and ensure their transfer to future generations.

    Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Feeding

    Duru Bulgur organizes bulgur training for women in order to explain that bulgur is a very important nutrient in the nutrition of children. In the trainings where examples are given from the bulgur food that the children may like, the books about the health relationship of the bulghur and the books containing the bulgur are presented as gifts. Duru Bulgur aims to make these trainings permanent by taking into consideration that healthy individuals can only grow up with conscious mothers.


    With the book prepared in cooperation with Seçil Kenar, the Dietitian, the history and use of bulghur (pounded wheat) and its consumption patterns in the world are quoted, and a valuable work related to this valuable food has been revealed.


    The book 'Bulghur Dishes of Anatolia', which aims to contribute to the studies initiated to strengthen Turkey's hand in gastronomy tourism, reveals the hidden flavors of Turkish cuisine. The book contains 175 different recipes collected from several regions of Anatolia.


    Duru gives theoretical and practical training to the students of the Gastronomy and Dietetics departments of universities to teach our national food bulghur, and recipes are developed together with students to adapt bulghur to world cuisines..

    Historical Documentary of Bulghur

    Duru supported the narration of the history and production processes of bulghur by sponsoring the documentary named 'Bulghur, the gift from Anatolia to the World' produced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Asuman Kerkez, the presenter.

    Firik ( Boiled, Pounded Unripe Wheat )

    It is a kind of wheat obtained by burn, and smoked when the unripe wheat is green. it has its own special smell and flavor.

  • Sport


    In 2010, Duru Bulgur provided financial and moral support to Izmir Bagyurdu Handball Team in order to increase the awareness of Handball in Turkey and to participate more in this sport.

    Association of Hearing Impaired

    Duru Bulgur supports projects realized by Karaman Hearing Impaired Association.


    Duru Bulgur has been supporting the Karaman Performance Club since 2009 with the aim of contributing to the development of Taekwondo sport and spreading this sport. Karaman Performance Club, which has won great awards in international championships, proudly represents our country.


    Duru has been sponsoring Duru Bulgur Performance Sports Club in all branches since its establishment in 2003.Duru Bulgur Performance Sports Club, represented by 261 active athletes in the branches of Taekwondo, Cycling, Fitness, and Billiards, obtains an important ranking in national and international champions. Gathering together 1152 certified athletes under the same roof, Duru Bulgur Performance Sports Club is making a big breakthrough, especially in Taekwondo.


    Duru is also sponsoring all kinds of sports and social activities of kickboxers of Karaman Yunus Emre Sports Club.

  • Karaman


    Kürşat Akın, the Nature photographer, has introduced 99 different birds around Karaman, and nature has been protected. These birds, which are on the verge of extinction, were introduced with the book "Karaman Kuşları (The Birds of Karaman)", which was also prepared.

    The oldest copy of Yunus Emre Poetry is under protection!

    Duru Bulgur, which undertakes the responsibility of the protection of cultural and historical values and transferring these values to future generations, was protected the oldest copy of the Yunus Emre poetries Karaman copies. The work of Duru Bulgur publications was donated to all University libraries.

  • Other

    Red Crescent

    Duru Bulgur, as well as food aid to the Red Crescent, also volunteers to donate blood.

    TEMA (The Turkish foundation for combating erosion reforestation and the protection of natural habitats)

    Duru Bulgur grants a tree to participate in the afforestation campaigns carried out by Tema and also distributes food to the participants in the Duru Bulgur special vehicle at these events.


    All the bulghur, rice, and legumes needs of LÖSEV (the foundation for children with leukemia) are met by our company.

    Healthcare professionals

    Healthcare Professionals cheered up with bulghur flavors during the Covid 19 period. We, the Duru family, provided hot meal support to thank the healthcare professionals who made all the self-sacrifices for public health..