Press Release

  • The seeds of 2 thousand-year-old Ahmet Buğdayı (Wheat)

    In these days of the Covid 19 pandemic, countries are announcing many projects to feed on their resources. With the pandemic, it was once again understood how important agriculture is in our country. Prof. Dr. Nevzat Aydın, Professor of Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University, talked about the studies they have been carrying out for 4 years with Duru Bulgur to improve seed breeding and increase productivity. With a history of 2 thousand years, Ahmet Buğdayı (Wheat) is presented to Turkish farmers again with the project carried out jointly by Duru Bulgur and Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University. After widespread cultivation, wheat productivity will increase in barren lands and a contribution of 165 million TL will be made to Turkey's economy.

    March 2021
  • Great interest in Duru Bulgur flavors at GULFOOD Fai

    Duru Bulgur left its mark on the GULFOOD 2020 Fair, one of the world's most important food and beverage fairs held in Dubai. Introducing the traditional and innovative flavors of Turkish bulgur, Duru Bulgur succeeded in becoming one of the most striking brands of the fair.

    March 2021
  • Investment of pulses plant by Duru.

    Duru Bulgur, Turkey's national and domestic company, continued its investments against the speculative mobility in the foreign currency, and contributed to the national economy by 15 million Turkish liras, thanks to the investment of new pulses. Duru Bulgur Chairman İhsan Duru stated the following: "As one of the largest exporters of pulses in Turkey, we continue our production activities in a timely manner to contribute to the national economy. We export 85% of the bulgur to 51 countries with our own brand. We contributed to the strengthening of our economy by exporting 17 million dollars last year and we will continue our activities with the same determination."

    August 2018
  • Filipinos loved Turkish bulgur

    Duru Bulgur, one of Turkey's leading bulgur exporters, the company joined the WOFEX - World Food Expo one of the two most influential food fairs in the world, in Manila, Philippines On 01 - 04 August 2018 and get tasted Turkish bulgur to Filipinos and several participants of the world.

    August 2018
  • Bulgur training to 2 thousand 800 hundred students in 40 schools

    Duru Bulgur has given bulgur training to 2 thousand 800 students in 5-7 age group and in the scope of "Duru is Learning Bulgur" Project in 40 schools to introduce the importance and taste of bulgur to the next generations.

    June 2018
  • Duru Bulgur had a feast of flavor in Latvia

    Duru Bulgur, attended the 16th Latvian “Professional Days” attending this year for the third time, introduced Turkish bulgur to visitors – food professionals from Latvia. The event, held between 12-13 February 2019, brought together more than 2500 opinion leaders, brand owners, purchasing managers, chiefs and technologists from the HoReCa and retail industries in the Baltic Food Industry.

    February 20, 2019
  • Duru Bulgur Chairman of the Board İhsan Duru: Our goal is 2024 Paris Olympics!

    Duru Bulgur, which has been working in the industrial field to grow healthy generations, has also attracted attention with the support to education and sports in recent years. İhsan Duru, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Duru Bulgur, stated the following on the subject: “The Taekwondo Team of our Performance Sports Club has honored us with medals they won internationally in 2018. We will continue our assertation in taekwondo and in the bicycle branch. Our target is first Turkey and Balkan championships and then 2024 Paris Olympics!”

    February 2019
  • Duru Bulgur flavors attracted great attention in Anuga Fair

    Duru Bulgur received full marks from the participants with the tasting event held in Anuga, the world's largest food and beverage fair, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year.

    January 14, 2019
  • Duru Pratik (Practical)

    The first phase of healthy nutrition R&D has been completed. Duru Pratik (practical) boiled legumes on the shelves.

    February 2019
  • The Most Innovative Healthy Food Award was given to Duru Bulgur.

    Duru Bulgur, which attended the Dubai Gulfood Fair, one of the most important fairs of the food industry, was awarded the most innovative product in the Healthy Food category with its Duru Lival Chia Open & Add product. Food Engineer Ece Duru, responsible for R&D, received the award from Duru Bulgur.

    March 11, 2019
  • Full marks to Duru Bulgur from South Korea

    Duru Bulgur products, which were introduced in SFH Seoul Food & Hotel 2019, one of the most important food fairs in the world, received great acclaim in the Far East.

    June 17, 2019
  • Intense interest in Duru Bulgur flavors in the Far East

    Duru Bulgur products, which were represented in Foodex Japan 2019, one of the most important food fairs in the world, received great acclaim in the Far East. Introducing the traditional and innovative flavors of Turkish bulgur, Duru Bulgur received full marks from the exhibitors.

    March 20, 2019
  • Legumes are of critical importance for sustainable food

    Ece Duru, the Food Engineer of Duru Bulgur, pointed out that this year, World Environment Day, determined as the main theme of 'Ecosystem Restoration', provides a significant awareness of the importance of food sustainability, and said that legumes show bioavailability for all humankind with their rich nutrients. In this sense, legumes are distinguished as an important sustainable food for the world population.

    March 20, 2019
  • The future of cereals and legumes production is secret in the seed.

    Emin Duru, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Duru Bulgur, who pointed out that seed development studies should be concentrated on to make the production of cereals and legumes sustainable, mentioned that they will meet the seeds to be obtained in the 'Ahmet Wheat' project, which they implemented with this idea, with the Turkish farmer no later than 2023.

    March 20, 2019
  • Duru Bulgur Performance Sports Club athletes made history in Taekwondo.

    Mumine Nur Goz, who competed on behalf of Duru Bulgur Performance Sports Club in the Zekeriya Tutar Yıldızlar Turkish Taekwondo Championships, has been selected for the National Team with the gold medal she won, while Aleyna Nur İlli won the silver medal in the same tournament and is entitled to compete in the National Team selections again.

    March 20, 2019