Press Release

  • Investment of pulses plant by Duru.

    Duru Bulgur, Turkey's national and domestic company, continued its investments against the speculative mobility in the foreign currency, and contributed to the national economy by 15 million Turkish liras, thanks to the investment of new pulses. Duru Bulgur Chairman İhsan Duru stated the following: "As one of the largest exporters of pulses in Turkey, we continue our production activities in a timely manner to contribute to the national economy. We export 85% of the bulgur to 51 countries with our own brand. We contributed to the strengthening of our economy by exporting 17 million dollars last year and we will continue our activities with the same determination."

    August 2018
  • Filipinos loved Turkish bulgur

    Duru Bulgur, one of Turkey's leading bulgur exporters, the company joined the WOFEX - World Food Expo one of the two most influential food fairs in the world, in Manila, Philippines On 01 - 04 August 2018 and get tasted Turkish bulgur to Filipinos and several participants of the world.

    August 2018
  • Bulgur training to 2 thousand 800 hundred students in 40 schools

    Duru Bulgur has given bulgur training to 2 thousand 800 students in 5-7 age group and in the scope of "Duru is Learning Bulgur" Project in 40 schools to introduce the importance and taste of bulgur to the next generations.

    June 2018