The raw material of bulgur is durum wheat and the stages of bulgur production from wheat in their order are cleaning – washing, boiling – cooking, drying, milling, sifting – packing.
Detailed explanation for stages are explained below;

Cleaning – Washing

Firstly the wheat goes through a physical elimination process where small wheat grains, stones, other grains in the wheat such as barley and rye, hays and damaged wheat grains are separated. After this physical elimination, the separated wheat is washed.

Boiling – Cooking

Next, the wheat is boiled in large boiling tanks for a certain amount of time.


After boiling, the wheat is dried in large drying towers made from stainless steel using hygienic methods.

Stone Milling

Wheat is milled in stone mills and different varieties of bulgur is formed.


Finally, different varieties of bulgur are sifted according to its size such as coarse and fine.


The bulgur is then packed in the planned pack size.